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What PEAK means to Cassidy Williams (PEAK Class of 2015)

I had no idea of the magnitude of what Peak Performance means to me until now.  

In the beginning, as a young player…. I saw PEAK as the perfect avenue to provide me the opportunity to travel around the country, compete against top tier competition, all in the hopes of exposing my game to a coach who was looking for someone like me.  PEAK was the program for me because it was simply just “all about the right things”. I trusted all of the coaches and genuinely loved each of my teammates, it truly felt like everyone had my best interest at heart.   All the things I just said above is wonderful and true, but as I have grown up and have gained a newer perspective on my life… I am able to see a more mature, clearer picture of what Peak Performance basketball did for me in my life.    PEAK gave me these BLANK things:  Kyrie Chandler - When we met at Peak, she was just my PG and I was her shooting guard. Fast forward 5 years, during college, Kyrie’ was the person I texted/FaceTimed/called when I was at my breaking point with college basketball. We willed each other through so many tough practices, unfair coaches, and circumstances that were out of our control. Not only is she one of my closest friends to date, but she will also be one of my VIP invitees to my wedding next April.   Kiesha Brown - She was a Peak coach that turned into a mentor and best friend. I can’t even tell you how many hours we’ve spent in the gym together…me crying out of frustration over too many missed jump shots, blasting music and dancing to keep me light, and really just getting to me fall in love with the game over and over again.    PEAK created the foundation for me to not only become a fundamentally sound basketball player but more importantly, it prepared me to be resilient. College basketball almost broke me multiple times, but that resiliency that I had developed over my years as a Peak player helped me to persevere and never give up.   PEAK also taught me to pursue excellence in all areas of life, not just basketball. I really took that to heart when I got into the college classroom. Peak did not tell me to email my professors weeks in advance of a road trip, or to have assignments completed prior to long stints of time being gone…. I just did that on my own because it is INGRAINED in me to be professional and excellent in everything I do.   I listed four things, but it is impossible to pinpoint all of the ways that PEAK has influenced and impacted my life. The list is never-ending.  Bottom line is, I am SO GRATEFUL to God for placing me and my family in the same path as Peak Performance Basketball and Coach Bruce Price. I am even more grateful for the opportunity to play ball and build relationships with the people that mean so much to me, even when the ball stopped bouncing.   I have no doubts that I will be using the skills Peak taught me in every facet of my life moving forward.    I am a PEAK girl FOR LIFE!!! -Cassidy Williams

Learn More About Cassidy...

"Cassidy Williams is a 2019 Magna Cum Laude graduate from Samford University.  She was on the Dean’s List eight semesters out of eight.  She was the two time Captain of the Women’s Basketball Team. Cassidy was awarded the Dr. Jim Angel Award for being the most outstanding and best overall student in the School of Health Professions.  The Dr. Angel Award is presented to the student who is most influential, demonstrates professionalism and excellence, and lives out the “idea of calling”.  Dr. Angel was in the U.S. Navy and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy.  At Samford, Dr. Angel was the missionary who developed all the majors to what they are at Samford today." -She never missed a single practice in 4 seasons and 2 summers, despite being sick or hurt on multiple occasions. -She was the ONLY PLAYER in the history of the women’s program to report to school the summer before her freshman year….in order to learn the system, offense, etc.  And the $ to attend that summer was not covered under her scholarship. -She set the school record for the number of 3 pointers made in one game = 8 -She led the conference in 3 point shooting percentage for the year = 43% And that was 17th best in the country. -She was nominated to speak at commencement.  The only Sports Administration major to ever be nominated in the history of the school.   -She graduated magna cum laude and on time in four years.  She had two UNPAID internships that she got entirely on her own.  -She was on the Dean’s List every single semester and was on the Southern Conference All-Academic Honor Roll all four years.  Last year, and likely again this year (not issued until August), she was awarded the SoCon Commissioner’s Medal for academic performance. -At the Sampsbys (Samford’s version of the ESPY’s, an all-sport award ceremony for only the athletes) she was nominated for “Breakthrough Performer of the Year” which designates the athlete who made the largest improvement in their performance vs. prior years.  She was also nominated for Miss Bulldog, which goes to the female student-athlete who has demonstrated excellence in the sports arena, classroom, and community/public service.  She did not win either category, but she was the only women’s basketball player to be nominated in more than one category. -Mike Williams

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