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What PEAK Means to Sydney Umeri (PEAK Class of 2013)

When I first began my journey with basketball, it was anything but pleasant. I was what many would call a raw talent, which is often short for, "You have potential, kid, you just have to develop it." Eager to learn, I walked into my first Peak Performance tryout and met Coach Bruce Price who not only played a significant role in my development as a player on the court but in my maturation off the court as well. That narrative doesn't stop with me. Over the years, Coach Bruce and Peak Performance have impacted the lives of numerous young women, teaching us discipline, hard work, goal setting, and how to become better basketball players and women.  PEAK has sent more high school girls to college by developing their skills and talent to play at the next level than most girls basketball organizations I know. The opportunity to play at the next level is more than the chance to further develop our skills as athletes; it is the opportunity to set our futures up for success by attending colleges across the country under scholarship. Knowing what I know now as a college graduate with both bachelor's and master's degrees, the value of a paid-for college education continues to show its worth far beyond the three to five years we spend at any institution. It sets us up to be able to build our futures outside of the constructs of debt, and in this day and age, that's priceless. Though my time in women's college basketball, did not go as I planned, it taught me and further developed the skills Peak began instilling in me in 6th grade: discipline, hard work, perseverance, etc. I'm very thankful to Peak and Coach Bruce Price for helping me become the young woman I am today, for giving me vision towards what I could become and what I could do through my sport, and for continuing to do so with this younger generation of girls striving for the same opportunities. -Sydney Umeri University of Virginia, Class of 2016 University of Kansas, Class of 2017

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