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The Metropolitan Club’s Coronavirus Protocols


After extensive consideration of the many options available to provide for the comfort and safety of our clients and their guests, we have adopted the following protocols as best practices in The Metropolitan Club.


Sanitizing High-Touch Areas

Public areas, restrooms, back of house areas, and kitchen and food preparation space will be sanitized every 30 minutes during an event. The event space in its entirety will be deep cleaned and disinfected before and after every event, using the recommended hospital standards.


Social Distancing

Tables will be limited to 8 guests instead of the normal 10. Tables will be spaced 6 feet apart. Employees will not touch each other or guests for any reason.


Food Service

If buffet stations are chosen, staff will serve the food from the chaffing dishes to the guests eliminating contamination of serving utensils. The client may also opt to have guests serve their own food using their own eating utensils. How we serve food for each event will be based on the specific comfort and requirements of each client.


Beverage and Coffee Service

If you prefer not to provide self-service for beverages, we will arrange appropriate staffing.


Staff Protocols

All staff will wear gloves and masks prior to entering the building and throughout all events. All team members will be required to have their temperature taken upon arrival for a shift and not allowed to bring in anything other than their car keys into the building, which will then be left in a box provided at the bar.

New Technical Adaptations to Enforce Health

Hospital-Level Air Duct/HVAC Cleaning

Using the latest HEPA negative air machine technology, as well as gas-powered vacuums with HEPA contacts, this agitation process, using air whips, completely cleans all surfaces to remove every inch of dirt, debris, or allergens present. All units and registers will be botanically disinfected electrostatically. Procedurally, this kills COVID 19 and all other known viruses, as well as 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi, and mold eliminating all germs - no chlorine or phosphates are used in this process. 

Additional Precautions

Prior to every event, four powerful air sterilizer units will completely ionize and scrub the air content of the building for 3 hours removing particulate matter of every kind.

In addition to these protocols, The Metropolitan Club will work with each client to ensure their satisfaction with safety measures and strive to offer anything additional upon request. Rest assured, we are committed to providing a safe experience while offering guests a familiar and welcoming environment amid so much change!

We are continually monitoring all updated information that might influence our safety protocols. Current information influencing events:

"Several members were anxious about attending due to the Covid19 virus. However, they are telling me that they felt comfortable with the protocols of The Metropolitan Club and were very glad that they came! Thank you for always giving us great serve and a great venue!

TJ - Corporate Event

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