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Questions You May Wish To Ask Before You Make A Final Decision On Your Reception Location…

  • Is the food prepared fresh on-site, or is it merely reheated there? (Ask to see the kitchen!)

  • Will the caterer or venue guarantee not to run out of food, at any time, for any reason?

  • Is coffee service included? With assorted regular and decaffeinated hot teas? Or, is it “A La Carte”?

  • Will the caterer provide a complimentary basket of food to the bride and groom upon departure?

  • Is there an additional charge for cutting and serving of the cake on china if the cake comes from an outside vendor?

  • May you preview an actual reception similar to your own to see a real presentation and sample actual party food?

  • How much flexibility does the caterer offer in the food and beverage selection process? What costs extra?

  • Would you be permitted to contact the client from last weekend for a reference? You may want to choose a random date, or your date last year. After all, a hand selected reference is not really a reference.

  • Will the person working with you to plan the wedding be present throughout the entire reception to assist you?

  • Will a staff person greet guests as they arrive?

  • Is a coatroom provided, with an attendant?

  • Will the facility operators guarantee the temperature of the facility to be comfortable in a tuxedo regardless of the temperature outside? Will adjustment be within their control at your event? Or is the building on a timer?

  • What restroom facilities exist on site? (Be sure to look at them)

  • Does the facility accommodate handicapped guests gracefully? Is access to the building, food, beverage, seating, and restrooms on one level? (Important for elderly guests as well as those in wheelchairs)

  • How much parking is available? Is it free?

  • Is valet parking an option? Is it recommended? If so, why?

  • How early will your vendors be allowed access to the facility for setup?

  • Is any décor included with the facility?

  • Will the facility provide floor-length linens and overlays? Is there any additional charge? Who is responsible for placing the linens for set-up?

  • Will the facility provide standard centerpieces for guest seating tables? Is there any additional charge?

  • What is the maximum number of seats that can be provided at tables with a dance floor, buffets, cake, musicians, (or any other added feature you may want in place)? Is that enough seating for your number of guests? (4 people can “fit” in a telephone booth, that doesn’t mean it is comfortable)

  • Are tables provided for gifts, place cards, guest books, etc? Is there any additional charge for linens or skirting?

  • Is there any additional charge for a dance floor?

  • Is it possible to drop-off photos, cake knife, bride’s book, toasting flutes, etc. early in the week? Will they keep them in a secured location?

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